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What is the meaning of the WARRIOR?

The WARRIOR stands for yourself. YOU are WARRIOR: STRONG, PASSIONATE, TENACIOUS and UNCONQUERED. You deserve the WARRIOR, because you fight bravely without being beaten. Your strength lies in your tenacity, your passion and your hope. Proud… of who you are, what you stand for, and what you have achieved. Celebrate the WARRIOR in YOU

Who should I consider giving a WARRIOR to?

Who am I to weigh in on such a personal decision? The only input I can give is that over the past few years I believe that the vast majority of the WARRIORS were given to individuals who exemplified traits such as tenacity, courage, and selflessness — i.e., people who go above and beyond the call of duty to improve the lives of others. Or more down to earth, first and foremost, the WARRIOR is meant for you. And also for that special person who lifts you up, just because you’re worth it. These include everyone from police personnel, coaches, teachers, and health workers, the hairdresser in the shopping mall, the child who gives you a warm smile. Just everyone who adds a little bit of beauty to your world. The connection? Sharing strong, great stories.

Is the WARRIOR associated with War?

No, the WARRIOR has NOTHING TO DO with war and aggression. The WARRIOR has everything to do with HARMONY and all that is good for you and other creatures living on our planet.

Why does the WARRIOR wear a helmet?

The WARRIOR wears a helmet because WHO you are is not of any relevance. It’s all about ‘HOW’ you are.

Can I give the WARRIOR to myself?

Why not?! You deserve more than anybody else the WARRIOR. Your inner WARRIOR has formed you. You lived through good times and bad times, and always surfaced. Those experiences alone lifted you up. As much as you are lifting up others.

Where can I see the actual WARRIOR?

Hopefully you can see the WARRIOR all over! The WARRIOR, ‘hanging around’ in the street, at home, on people’s key chains, bags, etc.

Is the WARRIOR famous?

The WARRIOR is not very known yet, but we’re working on it!! The WARRIOR ‘hangs around’ in several countries and continents. You can also encounter the WARRIOR on magnificent events like The Invictus Games The Hague 2020, or The World Police & Fire Games 2022. Will you please help us to spread our body of thought?

What is the WARRIOR.... a fireman/-woman?

The WARRIOR is not a fireman/-woman. It is a person wearing a helmet. That can be you. Or any person around you for that matter. That the brave fireman/-woman is a true WARRIOR, that’s without question!

Is the WARRIOR represented in a museum?

You cannot find the WARRIOR in a museum (yet). Reason being: The popular WARRIOR belongs to the people in the streets, at home, dangling on a bag, just everywhere around you. Most probably you will find the WARRIOR collection in a museum-shop soon.

Is the WARRIOR considered as 'Art'?

The WARRIOR is not seen as art, although the WARRIOR is designed and produced by an artist’s hand. The definition of art is that you are allowed to produce up to 8 copies of the same art object. Going beyond that number, the object is considered to be ‘mass-production’. Just like the WARRIOR.

Is there any other WARRIOR merchandise?

All WARRIOR products you find available in our WARRIOR website.

Does the WARRIOR always come with a giftbox?

The WARRIOR comes in two sizes: 7.87 inch and 2.36 inch, each of them in a giftbox. Frankly, in our opinion it’s all about your personal touch: giving the WARRIOR, the WARRIOR story and your personal message: Celebrate the WARRIOR in YOU!

The World Police & Fire Games Rotterdam 2022

Why is the WARRIOR collection tinted grey?

WARRIOR collection is produced exclusively as an official licensed product of the World Police & Fire Games Rotterdam 2022. Grey because this color is cool and neutral and fits perfectly with the image of the participants: police and firemen, customs and penitentiary employees. If you rub the grey tin with your fingers, the WARRIOR will be shiny, giving it a sporty and ‘rough’ look.

Can I buy the world Police & Fire Games 2022 WARRIOR collection in a retail outlet?

This WARRIOR collection is produced exclusively as an official licensed product of the WPFG 2022, and is not available in retail shops. It is for sale in the webstore of and on the event premise at the WPFG 2022 in Rotterdam (22 – 31 Juli 2022).


What is the WARRIOR made out of?

Tin. There are no plastics or pollutants involved!

My WARRIOR looks somewhat damaged. Is that the intention?

Yes, that’s correct. Believe it or not, your WARRIOR is a unique, handmade piece of art. The WARRIOR should look somewhat ’scruffy’ and ‘lived’. Here and there a bit scratched and dinted. Simply beautiful. Just like us.

What does the WARRIOR production process entail?

Please watch the movie The Making Of. We go through the production process of the WARRIOR in big steps: I. The artist (Aleid) designs and sculpts a WARRIOR (roughly 16 inch) in wax II. A mold is made of the wax model III. A raisin or hard plastic WARRIOR is casted from the mold. IV. Aleid works again on this raisin model in detail V. Two scans are made of this raisin model: 2.36 inch / 6 cm and 7.87 / 20 cm inch. VI. For each of these sizes a mold is produced. VII. Each mold produces quite some tin WARRIORs. VIII. Each WARRIOR is assembled by hand by employees of social shelters in the Netherlands and by Aleid.

Is it possible to order the WARRIOR in another metal than tin?

There is always room for dialogue about possibilities. We can cast the WARRIOR in all sorts of (hard) metals. Additional costs will be calculated based on a new mold and the applied material. For more information, please contact us via the CONTACT page and/or call Aleid: + 31 6 4616 2702

Can I order a WARRIOR with the logo of my organization / club / family coat of arms etc.?

We can print your logo on the packaging. The WARRIOR logo attached to your WARRIOR can easily be replaced by your own logo of choice. Additional costs will be calculated based on a new mold and the applied material. For more information, please contact us via the CONTACT page and/or call Aleid: + 31 6 4616 2702

Can I have the image of my own face, or that of somebody else, embedded in the WARRIOR? If so, what is the cost of this custom order?

Let’s make this challenge happen. Because of the impact that this modification has on the WARRIOR, apart from the artist’s time and effort spent on this modified piece and the additional cost, it is worth to have a chat about this. Please call Aleid: + 31 6 4616 2702

Can I order the WARRIOR in a size of my choice?

Let’s talk about it more in detail. Developing a WARRIOR in a customized size affects the price. To give you an idea about the production process, please read the above mentioned question; What does the WARRIOR production process entail? For more information, please contact us via the CONTACT page and/or call Aleid: + 31 6 4616 2702

What does the WARRIOR production process entail?

For more information, please contact us via the CONTACT page and/or call Aleid: + 31 6 4616 2702

What is the weight of the WARRIOR 2.36 inch / 6 cm?

The 2.36 inch WARRIOR weighs upto 20 grams. The pin is lighter than the keyholder.

What is the weight of the WARRIOR, 7.87 inch / 20 cm?

The 7.87 inch WARRIOR with the stone base weighs about 1100 grams. The WARRIOR with the steel wire weighs about 800 grams.

Who casts the tin WARRIORs?

The tin WARRIORS are casted by the master tin casters Martijn and Jurgen Van Zon, who are the owners of the foundry De Tingieterij in The Netherlands.

How do I clean my tin object?

  • Wash the tin in warm water and baking soda
  • Rinse it with warm water and let it dry
  • Rub the tin with an acid-free wax (such as beeswax or white wax)
  • Finally, polish the tin with a soft cloth

Communication & Media

I'd like to invite the artist to award the WARRIOR. Is that possible?

If it adds value to a good cause, then Aleid will be happy to help you with the ‘Award ceremony’ of the WARRIOR. For more information, please contact us via the CONTACT page and/or call Aleid: + 31 6 4616 2702

Am I allowed to publish a WARRIOR image and/or logo on social media?

That would be great if you’d like to share WARRIOR pics and logo via your (social) media! We value it greatly if you publish it in the right context and meaning. Attention for Privacy: please ask for permission to publish to the persons involved in your text/image.


Do I get a discount if I order more than 10 WARRIORs at the same time?

Depending on the number of WARRIORs (2.36inch or 7.87 inch) you’d like to order, the purpose, the visibility in the media, and other dependencies, we calculate the price. More information? Please contact us via the CONTACT page and/or call Aleid: + 31 6 4616 2702

Do I get a gift box with my WARRIOR charm (2.36 inch)?

With your WARRIOR charm (2.36 inch), you get the personal card for free. The giftbox, you have to order separately via the WARRIOR website.

Can I order the personal card ‘Celebrate the WARRIOR in YOU’ in a language, other than English and Dutch?

Everything is possible. Please be aware that costs will be charged to you for the production of a card in the language of your choice (translation, graphic design and print). For more information, please contact us via the CONTACT page and/or call Aleid: + 31 6 4616 2702

What is the payment method?

We accept Ideal and creditcard. The payment is processed with the MOLLIE payment system.

I placed an order, but did not receive a confirmation of my payment. For what reason?

Probably your confirmation appears in your SPAM folder. Could you check this please? To avoid this for future reference, please add our email address: to your personal mailing list.

I made a mistake with my order, or I have to cancel my order. What should I do?

Please let us know asap via CONTACT. Then we can cancel your order. If we are too late to cancel, the package has been packaged and sent to you. Please CONTACT us. Undoubtedly we will find a solution, together with you.


How long will it take before my order has been delivered?

The delivery time of the WARRIOR depends on the number of WARRIORs that you order. And also on the size of the WARRIOR. If delivery is within the Netherlands, and we have enough WARRIORS in stock, delivery will be within 5 work days. You can follow your delivery via track & trace.

How much are the shipping costs?

That depends on the total weight of your order and the address we have to send it to. You’ll find an overview of the shipping costs in the webstore. The total amount you have to pay for shipping / handling appear before you place your order.


Can I get a refund for my WARRIOR?

You can get a refund of your payment within 14 days. Attention, only when your WARRIOR arrives damaged. Please take a picture of your damaged WARRIOR and send it to us via CONTACT.

How do I send my damaged WARRIOR back?

Please send the damaged WARRIOR back within 14 days. We will not reimburse any / your shipping- and handling costs. We will send you the refund through your payment with MOLLIE. Any questions? Please send them via our CONTACT page.

What should I do if I get another WARRIOR than the one that I have ordered? Or parts are missing?

Please take a picture of your undesired or incomplete WARRIOR and send the picture to us via the CONTACT page. We will send to you the missing parts and/or the right WARRIOR. If applicable, we will reimburse your shipping-/handling costs.